Sunday, 20 April 2008

That Time of Year

Spring clean! Yep. Just spent 2 days having a really good sort out and thorough clean. Just had to do it. Felt like the right time to do it. Steve went to the tip with loads of rubbish and we've got a bin load of stuff for the charity shops. Yay. Feels so good.

I actually find that I can't create very well if my environment is too messy. Just me. I like things to be in order, tidy and clean. Doesn't always stay like that. Ha! Although I do a deep clean at least once a week and tidy up most days. However, this was a mega once a year clean where we pulled everything out of the cupboards, from under the bed and anywhere else hoarding was going on.

Oh and perfect timing. I'm going to Ikea and Hobbycraft with my daughter and daughter-in-law this week. Hmmm craft supplies. Art supplies. Creative storage solutions. I can honestly say that I love that kind of shopping far more than buying clothes or make-up. Yep. Girl of simple pleasures and needs. Not high maintenance at all.

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