Thursday, 3 April 2008

Wee Small Hours

Insomnia has hit. It's the small wee hours so thought I'd ramble here for a while.

Jenni's home. She arrived home safely Saturday morning. We haven't really stopped since then. She did sleep some odd hours the first couple of days due to jet lag. Done what all girls love to do: talk and shop. Yep. It's been a wonderful few days.

She's really into beading/making her own costume jewellry and it's so beautiful. Took some photos and will grabe them from the camera in the next couple of days. I just loved looking at the beads in all their little pots. Oooh beads. It's such a girly thing eh? Love that she's so crafty like her mum! I must admit I felt a real urging to play with those beads. I think I feel a new hobby coming on!

But really I need to finish up a ton of half finished craft products before taking on anything else. Plus, I've got a bit of a bug wanting to splash paint and stick bits on canvasses and journals. Yep. Think I'm going to do some art journalling. And maybe do some altered art pieces. Oh and then there's my work which isn't that far removed from the crafts that I love. It's all about creative expression.


Rach said...

So pleased that you are having such a nice time - you deserve it. x

Dani said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful visit. Treasure each moment, each laugh, each tear. {{{hugs}}} lots of love, Dani

Niecey said...

That's wonderful, she got her creativity from you. :) I'm glad you're enjoying having your daughter home.