Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wild Wednesday

Word prompt over at HS|MS (link on the side ---->) photo challenge is "wild". Not alot of wild in my space. Maybe the weather today. Going from dark brooding clouds, heavy rain to bright blue sky and sunshine. Weird. Wild. The only wild I could come up with is a photo of one of my Norwegian trolls. She is wild and has great wild hair. Completely untamed! I love these little trolls. I lived in Norway for four years and I just love their magical folklores.

Oh and of course, I had to do some art with the photo. Nice and grungy. Love grunge and texture.

All about work today. Gotta get a fair bit done and then tonight I think I'm going to some work in my art journal. Been thinking about printing off little copies of all my HS|MS photos and doing a collage in my journal.


Bambi said...

very interesting wild!

Rach said...

Gorgeous shot and the texture is beautiful. I keep meaning to do something with my HS:MS shots but I have never worked out what yet. I think a book may be the way to go. x

Sue Nicholson said...

Years ago when I was but a teen trolls were very popular. I loved them and had a great selection. This troll reminds me of them . . . and i love the wild and untamed hair :-)

Great grunge background effect too. You are so clever with your effects :-)

Such a good idea for the photos, I really must do something similar too.

Bye for now . . . Sue :-)

Sarah said...

Wow, that really is WILD!! I used to love trolls when I was a kid but now they just freak me out LOL!

Hazel said...

This is a great take on wild!

Joyce said...

Great art pic! Great take on 'wild'. Ever since the Norway exhibit at Epcot (Orlando, Florida) I have been in love with the idea of going there!