Monday, 19 May 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy

Yep! Just happy today. Feeling happy. Contented. At peace. Loving. Happy.

Jen (my daughter) spent the weekend with us and it was so nice. Watched tv, dvds, went for a walk, wandered and mooched through town, had lunch. Lots of good things with quality time together as a family.

Happy to see the sun show through the clouds today. Everything looks so green and lush after the rain. Rain is good eh? I know we moan when it rains but really. Rain is good. Driving to Ashford from Whitstable is so beautiful. Through the Kent countryside. Stunning views. Picturesque. Inspiring. And after a couple of days of rain, you really see how things have blossomed. And the colours just pop out at you. Driving past Challock woods we had to pull up and just stop. A stunning carpet of bluebells stretched out forever through the woods. Awesome sight. These couple of photos don't do it justice at all.

And yes it is also that "sneezy" time of the year. Hay fever. Yep. That's me. Over at HS|MS, they're having fun with the Seven Dwarves as the daily photo prompts. I've missed them up til now due to a crazy busy week last week and also being away for a couple of days as well as having my brother-in-law staying. So yeah. Today is Sneezy. My photo is one I took a couple of weeks ago. Not a great place for me to be. Petting farm animals. Lots of anti-histamine needed as I'm horribly allergic to most animals. Ugh! Including this cute little bunny rabbit my granddaughter is stroking. Makes me sneeze. For sure, I'm sneezy.

Looking forward to getting back into a routine this week and catching up with all the blogs I love. Hope you all have a great week.

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