Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Rambling Things of the Heart

Feeling very reflective today. Very spiritually reflective. Boy, my mood swings have been extreme the last couple of days!

Got a lot on my mind. Good. Bad. Happy. Sad. My precious daughter. She's suffering at the moment. Just really needs lots of love, hope and encouragement. There's a lot going on with her and I'm going to go and spend a couple of days at my sister's with her. I'll be sharing a room with her and so we can have some really good mother daughter time.

My children are all in their early twenties. You never stop worrying about them. My mum always used to say that to me and I never really got it until recently. I realised they were all independent, leading their own lives. Well adjusted young adults and yet every day, they're in my thoughts. Every day I wonder if they're ok. Are they truly happy? Do they need anything? Are they safe? Communication. That's the key. Stay in touch. Talk to them. Love them unconditionally.

About 15 yrs ago. Where did that time go?
In a heartbeat, it's gone.

And so in this quiet time this morning, while my husband is sleeping after working all night, I've been reflective and thinking about all the things around me that I love.

That inspire me. Things in my office/studio. People. My family. My friends. The peace of where I live. I'm truly blessed. I know that I'm blessed. Thank you God for all you have given me. Thank you for the hope of tomorrow.


Jolanda said...

Love your spiral-picture!

JanMary said...

Pray that things work out well with your daughter.

Lovely spiral photo.

Zakirah said...

Hugs to you..Hope things are going well :D

Tammy said...

You are exactly right about your children. My son is almost 30 and I still worry about him. I hope things work out well with our daughter.

Laura said...

I am sorry that your daughter is having a rough time right now. I love all the pictures of your favorite things.

Kathy said...

Awesome photo journaling!
I have 2 young teens and worry a lot and I can imagine the worrying never goes away.

Ariane said...

gorgeous post, love the pictures! Hope all works out well for your daughter, it's so amazing that you are going to spend that time with her.

Louise said...

Hope thisngs are ok. love your spiral

Dani said...

{{{hugs}}} lots of love, Dani