Monday, 5 May 2008

Yo Yo

Yep. I'm up and down like a yo yo today. Ugh! Guessing that it's that rotten time of the month. Is that too much information? Oh well. No other explanation for my mood swings today. I didn't work in the end. I couldn't. I felt so yucky. Annoyed. Frustrated. Sad. Fortunately, I have the best friend and hubby in the world all rolled into one. I told him immediately this morning how I was feeling. And it helped. We always try to work through this together otherwise I think I'd just close him out during these few days a month. And I don't want to do that.

I took a couple of photos for the Her Space | My Space daily challenge this morning. I tried to get enthusiastic about working but it wasn't going to happen. I got more and more frustrated and so I started working on some new 3d characters for my collage art. That helped. I also created a flikr account and uploaded my digital photo collages. Felt even better after that. Achievement. Creativity. And then this afternoon, I got one of my Somerset Studio magazines, my fave throw and crawled onto my bed. Next thing I knew, Steve was waking me up and it was gone 6pm. Ugh. I slept and slept. Guess I needed it.

We decided to go for a nice walk then had dinner and really felt much better. I can still feel the frustration. Chocolate cravings. Sadness. But mainly feel better. Lots of hugs. Positive words. Sunshine. Creativity. It all helped.
Word for photo challenge today is "View" and so I took a photo of my view from my favourite chair in the living room:


Hazel said...

I do sympathise with how you feel (I remember it well!).

Rach said...

Sending you loads of hugs.