Sunday, 4 May 2008

Family, Hearth and Home

Today we went to my parent's to celebrate my brother's birthday. Had an incredible day. I love my family so much. Great time with my granddaughter. That child is soooo entertaining. Was also nice sitting in the garden catching up with my Dad and brother... not seen them for a while. Really, really missed my mum and sister and her family thought. They're on their way home from holiday as I type. Can't wait to see them.

So anyway, on the journey to my parent's we drove past the most amazing, amazing woods that were carpeted with bluebells. Eeeeeek! I can't even begin to explain the natural beauty before our eyes. Steve pulled as soon as he could and we proceed to walk through the woods taking photographs. And the photos don't do the scene any justice. You had to be there. We were both awe struck. And our imaginations went wild. I guess that's the result of us both being artists. Fairies, medieval maidens, knights in shining armour, unicorns were all wandering through those woods. Yep! Incredible.

Oh and I created a mixed media collage art piece for my brother and sister-in-law - joint birthday presents. They were thrilled with it. I think more that I made it myself and thought of them and their family. I was very nervous giving it to them. Not everyone's style, y'know. But it came from my heart and I think that's what matter to me in the end, and to them.

And although it's Bank Holiday tomorrow, I'm going to work. Yep. Really am. Going to work. Of course, you know I work from home so it's not such a chore. And I'm blessed, greatly blessed to do work that I love and is a passion to me. Seriously though, I need to do some work so tomorrow I'm going to have a lie in and then work for the rest of the day.

Ok - gotta get this posted before the stroke of midnight. Hope everyone has a great Bank Holiday tomorrow! x

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