Saturday, 3 May 2008

Sunshiney Day

It's been such a fabulous day. Sun's been shining. Soft, warm breeze. Just beautiful. Just perfect. I spent most of the day cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning. Moved the living room round. Did a deep clean in every room. Fantastic. Feels great. Got 2 loads of washing done. Oh and the smell!
Don't you love the smell of washing that's been drying outside all day? Wonderful. A great day of warm sunshine, pretty smells and a satisfying feeling of being active and getting an awful lot done.

So tonight, I'm going to paint and watch Saturday night tv.

Oh and here's my self-portrait for HS|MS. It's a fave photo of mine. Me with my four kiddos taken about 15 yrs ago. Ugh!
Hope everyone has a fabo evening!


Rach said...

It's so nice when the sun shines Pete and I have been gardening together all afternoon - perfect. Lovely shots of your garden. x

Sue Nicholson said...

We have had beautiful weather here too :-) Love it, lifts the spirits even if it does show the dust ;-)

Washing line looks great, I have a whirly gig :-(

Clever idea to take a shot of your photos :-) Nice take on the prompt.

I am off to pour a glass of wine and watch some pre-recorded t.v :-)

BFN . . . Sue

jj said...

I love that we were suppose to be looking in the direction of the pointed finger, but instead we all point our own fingers! Hehe, you definately had your own 24/7 playgroup!