Monday, 23 June 2008

Enchanted Weekend

It was a Jorja weekend. The best. Our granddaughter. Jorja Ruth. She's a riot. So funny. Sweet natured. Smart. So smart.
We had the joy of her spending the night Friday and then took her out for the day on Saturday. We went to a little local park where there were white fallow deer, a pond with ducks, geese, chickens.There were also goats and we watched a great falconry display where Jorja promptly clapped everytime one of the birds flew back to it's trainer. It was just delightful. There's also a lovely enchanted walk through the woods which included seeing a dragon as well as giant toadstools.We then went to my parents where Jorja played so happily with my sister's little girl. Mum and Dad got them a couple of buckets of water and they just sat pouring away oblivious to all around them. It was a lovely relaxing day all told. And then as we were driving home after dropping Jorja off, I got a phone call letting me know that Jorja's going to have a little brother or sister. Perfect end to the day. We're going to be grandparents again!

Sunday we went to Ashford to see Jen. Went shopping and she got a fab wardrobe and stuff for her room and I managed to get a new handbag. At last. Been trying to get one for a while now. Knew what I wanted. Just waiting for the right time and place to get it. Yesterday was it. Oh and hubby got me some new headphones. I think secretly he was fed up with me borrowing his all the time! ha!

And then last night as I was standing at the sink tidying up the kitchen, I saw the sun going down and the light was just beautiful outside. The roses on the back fence where we live looked so pretty. Of course I had to just get out there and take some photos. Yep. Great weekend.

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