Wednesday, 30 July 2008

It's in the Process

I'm an artist. I'm a crafter. I love to create. I love to express myself through creating.

We all do. Everyone is an artist in some form or another. We all have the ability to create. Creative expression is all around. And it's a beautiful thing. It's mysterious and magical. Whether through music, drawing, painting, film making, fashion, design, invention, people love to creatively express themselves.

Something I've recently realised about myself is that I love the creative process more than the end result. I love that my head is just full of ideas and imaginings. I'll never be able to create all that I see in my head. I'm inspired by so many things. So many people. It's never ending and I love it. It means there's always something there for me to paint or create through another medium such as crafting or digitally on my computer. And then other days the creative process is very organic. It just evolves as I work.

Don't get me wrong. I love the end results. I love buying and admiring other people's art and craft pieces. The end result of a creative process is, of course, important. But I'm fairly certain that for most artists, the creative process is what it's all about.

And it's not about the tools. It's not about being a purist. So many times, over the years in various online galleries and on blogs, I've seen the statement, "all freehand, no digital enhancement". Or "no postwork", when talking about creating 3d renders. These people are purists. And that's how they work. My objection to that is in the statements they make about their art and how it's created. There's nothing wrong with mixing medias. It should not be worded in such a way that not using a certain medium means that piece of art is somehow of better quality than someone who does use a mixture of mediums.

It's in the process. It's the journey. Do what you need to do to get to the destination. I really believe that. It's about the creative expression. I just feel somewhat sad and deflated at the realisation that there are so many art/craft snobs out there. And it doesn't need to be like that.

I've been online for many years now. And as part of my online experience and being an artist, I've joined various communities and galleries. Each and every online art/craft community I've joined, at some point, there's been a big debate and often arguments as new people try new techniques and so move away from being a purist for that particular art or craft style. That causes unrest. For some, it's exciting and those people fully embrace changes and new ways to create and express themselves while others really get aggressive in their objections. Others like to just sit back a bit and just watch to see how things evolve.

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter. If someone wants to create a piece of art using their computer, acrylic paints and collage, they should do it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. It's in the process. It should be fun. It should be about personal expression.

If someone wants to create a piece of art using their computer and nothing else, they should do it.

If someone wants to create a piece of art, drawing from scratch, using just pencils, paints on canvas or whatever else, they should do it. It's about choice. It's about what works for them.

If you can't draw and so you trace or use collage elements or digital, go for it. Can I say it again? It's about you. It's about your own personal expression. It works for you. Do it.

Scrapbooking. Digital. Traditional. Doesn't matter. Do what works for you. Just because someone does their scrapbooking on a computer doesn't make it any less of a scrapbook page. Or piece of art. It's what works for you.

I think you get the picture. I could go on. We all love to create. Enjoy that creative process. Enjoy what you do. Don't get caught up in the politics of your chosen medium. Create what you create the way you want to create it.


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Niecey said...

You're one of the most creative and artistic and talented people I know.

Zoe said...

Well said!! x

Heather said...

Good for you-- its all about the journey, and you have to make it your own. you cant go wrong if you follow your heart!~