Friday, 25 July 2008

Living in the Moment

I've always tried to stay positive about most things in life. Most situations. Even though, when I look back, I've seemingly taken on each new trauma/bad experience as if I'm going to drown in it. I've felt the pain immediately and wanted it all to disappear. Somehow though I got through it. Mainly, I believe, as a result in my deep faith as a Christian that with God, I can get through. And often when I'm through the other side, I've come out as a better person. Or I've learned something very specific as a result of that bad experience. No matter how bad.

My Dad calls it "character building". And it truly is.

I'm a strong believer in living in the moment. Focusing on the positive. Looking at life in the here and now. Not to worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Living in the moment. Each moment is precious. Truly it is. Before you know it, a whole day of moments have gone by. And then, oh dear, a whole lifetime of moments have gone by. In the blinking of an eye.

And so, this post is for me as much for anyone else. I'm reminding myself to practise what I preach. To really live in the moment. Not to worry about tomorrow. Not to think about the future. But to really enjoy the precious moments I'm in right now.

The sun is shining today. Again. Wow. Several days in a row. I love it. It feels like Summer. I love Summer. And all that it brings. Good and bad. Bad = being allergies, high humidity, bug bites, being chased by wasps while eating yummy ice cream or ice lollies.

So yes, I'm living in the moment and thoroughly enjoying it!


Heather said...

It is so simple but so hard to do isnt it? Best of luck and I hope you are still cherishing each and every moment :)

LisaE said...

Hi Diane, just found your blog through faithfolkcafe. Just a note to say that I appreciated this post. More than you will ever know]
Thanks again,