Friday, 24 October 2008

Little Notes of Love

So I decided to pop upstairs to the office to do some late night work. And as I sat down at my desk Steve hands me a cd with a message of love on the front. I'm playing it now. It's a compilation cd of the most beautiful love songs that he's put together for me. Songs that mean something to us. To me. Each song has a message.

Oh my goodness. I'm just bowled over. You should hear these songs!! He loves me. He totally adores me and cherishes me. I feel so humble. I feel so loved. So happy and so truly blessed.


Dani said...

Beautiful man you have there. *smile* Michael is a romantic too. Me? I'm slightly battered, cynical from the adventures of my first marriage. Though I never think I don't deserve him, I do frequently think that he deserves better than me...and I try a little harder. lots of love, Dani

Shalae said...

That's so awesome Di! Don't you love moments like that when they do things like that for us! He sounds like a keeper! :)