Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Moving out the Tent Pegs

A new day. November. It's been dark, grey and rainy out the past few days. Autumn has well and truly arrived. Chilly mornings. Short days. Nights drawing in. The smell of smoke from all the chimneys around. It's beautiful. Enchanting and magical to me. I know Christmas is hiding behind the corner and will jump out any day now. I know that all the signs are there for me to start my Christmas preparations so I'm ready.

I'm making progress on my new daily routine. My determination not to procrastinate. Well, not to procrastinate as much as I was before. Slowly making progress. I'm getting more done in spite of the emotional upheaval I'm going through at the moment. My emotions are so raw with one thing and another. And yet I do feel a deep down sense of Peace. Peace that everything is ok. Everything will be ok. What's happening is happening and I need to just pray through it. Keep my head above the water.

I'm working on a cloth and clay doll through doing a workshop by Jane DeRosier. I love being creative and taking this workshop has really helped me to get re-focused creatively. It helps. Creative expression. Working through emotions by creating. It's a good thing. I love learning something new. Stretching out the tent pegs. Moving out of my comfort zone. Challenging but rewarding. Oh and it's so nice to have a room of my own. A little space I can call my own and not have to tidy it all away. Using the dining room table was fine before. It worked. It was ok. But doesn't compare to having a whole room for art and crafts albeit a small room! ha!


jj said...

Mum, your room is looking so beautiful now! Welldone on your home, it feels so nice to be there! I can't wait to be able to make the time to sit in that room and make some jewellery or a new canvas!

Love you loads xxxxx

mystele said...

oh cool, di!!! i love your space. i realized that when i switched to blog following, i lost your blog. i'll be sure to stay in touch now!

kslaughter said...

Hi Di,
I found your blog through Jane's doll class and I love it! Looking at your photo, I refuse to believe you are a grandmother, though ; )! I really look forward to keeping up with you~~God bless you in all you do~~

Kathy (a neighbor in Belgium)

Deirdra Doan said...

Hello Diane,
I am in your doll class too.
I love Kent, will be visiting there in May. Have a friend who make guitars there and my husband will perform. www.johndoan.com

I thought I already wrote you but didn't find it?

Anyway looking forward to seeing your doll and progress.

Come say hi to me on my blog if you get a chance.

Doll Blessings,