Sunday, 30 November 2008

Winter Melody

It's sneaking up on me. Winter. Christmas. I pretend to others that I'm annoyed. Oh yes. Winter. Ugh. Christams. So busy in town. So busy in the supermarket. Not enough time. Lots of baking to do. Lots of card writing to do. Did I say "not enough time"? Yes. Not enough time to get everything done.
Honestly though? I love it. I love, love it. Even in the midst of heartache watching my parents dealing with cancer and such ill health. Even in the midst of that sadness, I see joy, hope and peace. Comfort. All those things that should be around this time of year. All those things that should represent Christmas. As a family we're all looking forward to being together. So yes, I do love this time of year. I loved wandering round my parent's garden last week and seeing the little signs of Winter. It's so special. Even the cold weather. Even the dark skies. Even when the evenings draw in at 3 in the afternoon. I love it. The run up to Christmas is so special. The music on the radio and tv. The Christmas movies. Oh and I love the carols. Beautiful Christmas carols. And food. Oh yes. Christmas baking. Pudding. Cake. Cookies. And of course, Christmas gift buying or making. I love wrapping up presents. And writing cards. Did I mention Christmas movies? Oh yes. It starts now. And I'm not going to be at all phased by any Ebeneezer Scrooge's that may come across my path!


Sarah said...

I love winter too. I like going home on the train or bus and seeing glimpses of people's rooms through the darkness-maybe I am just nosey! I walked round my neglected garden today and was pleased to see the Hellebore I planted last year now has three flowery bits instead of one. It inspired me to want to go and buy some winter pansies tomorrow!

Heather said...

so glad to hear that a little peace and comfort are coming to you and yours this holiday season!~

Dani said...

November passed by so quickly...yes, it's almost Christmas. Treasure each moment, impress each embrace from your parents upon your heart. I do that each time I'm with my Momma...she's getting so very frail. In my heart I know there's not much time but I don't want to let go yet. I know life will never be the same when she is gone. Sorry to be so maudlin...I'm not usually. Your posting hit a heart string.

lots of love, Dani

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. Peaceful Robin bird.

Leslie said...

Came to your blog by way of Heavenleigh. I agree with you 100%-no scrooges are allowed!

I am getting ready too little by little but I do love Christmas and all it represents.

I enjoyed reading your blog and will come back to visit again. I will add myself as a follower so I can easily access your site! I'm sorry to hear about cancer in your family-I have that experience as well.

Thanks for sharing!


Niecey said...

The photos are beautiful. I'm a huge fan of Christmas. I lost the spirit for a few years there, since we lost Heather in November, the following couple of Christmases weren't pleasant, but I got it back again. I'm a big kid at Christmas time, I love the snow and trees and decorations and anticipation.

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely blog award. Thank you so much for sharing your days with us. Is inspiring.

April Jarocka said...

Hi Diane. I see you are from a beautiful part of the world. I haven't been there for at least 12 years. Beautiful photos. Keep blogging. All the best

Renee said...

I too love Christmas and all the preparation and joy that rings it in.

I have not read all of your posts yet, plan too, but when you said your parents are dealing with cancer, it struck a chord as I have inflammatory breast cancer which is stage 4, so I need to see how others are dealing.

I hope that things are well with your parents over the christmas season.