Friday, 21 November 2008

Garden of England

Moments from the past week or so when we managed to get out and about for a drive. It was breathtaking and inspirational. It fed our creative souls and reminded us of how blessed we are to live in the Garden of England. These photos don't do it justice. It's a small glimmer of the beauty that surrounds us.

Today I spent time with my sister at my parents home. We cleaned, sorted out and got the Christmas decs down from the loft for Mum. My parents are in great need of help at the moment due to ill health. Dad's recovering from major surgery and Mum's just not well. They're in their late 60's and have always been so fit and healthy. It's been such a shock to our family to suddenly have to deal with cancer.

However, I felt so happy to help them today. Nothing much really but it was big for them. They've always been "there" for us all and are the best parents in the world! ha! So it was nothing to spend time cleaning and generally helping where we could...!

I came home and then cleaned my own home right through. This evening I feel happy and contented to have achieved so much in one day. Although I have a sense of change and sadness within me. My parents aren't invincible. They're vulnerable suddenly. How did that happen? And when did it happen? More than ever before, family feels so important to me. And we've always been a close family.

I've always believed in "living in the moment"; cherishing those you love; spending time with loved ones. But never before have I felt it so keenly as now. There's almost an urgency in my soul. I have to prayerfully do what I can and be who I'm supposed to be in this family. For my children. My parents. My brother and sister. My nieces and nephew. My precious granddaughter and my one true love, my beloved husband.


Dani said...

I couldn't have expressed my thoughts any better. Beautiful. lots of love, Dani

Ursula said...

Have just been thinking of you....I hope you are well. :)

I'm knee deep into a SuziBlu workshop. So much fun! :D

Sarah said...

Hi Dianne,
You know, I flit around the internet looking into people's lives and being inspired and amazed. I visited your blog from Suzi Blu and have been touched and wish you well with all your family matters. I know what you mean about wondering where the time went-it just doesn't seem possible that so many years go by so fast. Nice to meet you on Suzi Blu.

Mandy said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for the advice you left on my blog as well!