Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Digital Endeavours

At last I finished another digital fabric pack. Autumn Walk. Inspired by the stunning colours of Autumn of course.I've been making these little packs for a while now and sell them at Daz3D. They're packs of seamless jpg files with matching embellishments. Very versatile and have many uses including texturing 3d models, website design, scrapbooking, card making, etc.. the list goes on really. Print or computer projects. I create them in varying colour schemes and themes.

In my other little creative world, I'm a 3d texture artist and work for my husband. I initially created my fabric packs through the need for something different to use for texturing. I realised that other texture artists might find them useful and so I started to make the packs. What I love the most is the process of coming up with a colour scheme or theme. And then seeing everything all packaged up and ready to upload to the store. Yay! Very satisfying.
This particular pack has been in the making for a while now. They usually take about 5 days or so to create but for some reason, I kept putting this set on the back burner. I had a complete loss of inspiration half way through and had to just walk away. Part of it is because of our recent move and everything I've been going through emotionally and spiritually. Looking for healing. And then suddenly over the last two days I picked it up again and finished it. Not only that, I immediately started two Christmas themed ones! Yay!

Today is a good day. My muse is returning. Slowly. But ever so surely.