Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Moments of Nothing

I've had the most wonderful couple of days filled with moments of nothing much at all. I'm fighting off a cold virus (again) but mainly, I've been exhausted and just needed to do nothing. Both my parents have been very ill recently and the run-up to Christmas was so crazy busy making sure everything was in place for a special altogether family Christmas. And we did it. So the exhaustion was worth it.

And there was peace and comfort knowing we (my siblings and I) did all we could to help our parents in their time of need. Even with great resistence from them. Huge resistence. They're so young. Really. Not even 70 yet. Isn't that young? I think so. And as such I understood their frustration at not wanting their children to help them as much as we had to. C'est la vie. I also noticed that the resistence got less and less as they realised deep down, they needed the help.

So back to my nothingness. I sat and watched tv and dvds most of yesterday and today. Nothing exciting. A couple of costume dramas, Jane Eyre, The Tudors and some West Wing as well watchable rubbish on tv such as Christmas cooking shows.

I slept. I dozed on and off. I needed that. I needed to just sit and do nothing. I lit some candles and pulled the curtains. It's been so cold outside and seemed perfect time to just curl up and do nothing. We all need those moments of nothing sometimes.


Mandy said...

Sweet moments of nothing. Love them once i am in them, but i am so bad at taking them. Yea for you! Hope you feel better soon!

Heather said...

arent idle days fun? Happy New Year to you!~

Deirdra Doan said...

Thank you for spending a little of your moments of nothing with me!
Having fun taking the photo's.
New Year's Blessings...

Renee said...

Yes Diane your parents are young. It is hard though I'm sure for both you and them.

I have inflammatory breast cancer stage 4 and often need help but it is hard when you are only 52 and you don't want your children to have to put their lives on hold for you.

I understand your parents and I also understand you.