Friday, 9 January 2009

Friday Thoughts

  • clean & tidy home
  • cold January day
  • art journal inspirations
  • new art & craft supplies
  • dad
  • fragile self-esteem
  • healing
  • super foods
  • Steve cooking dinner
  • to-do list completed (for today anyway)
  • Cornwall
  • more healing
  • satin bows
  • tomorrow


Niecey said...

Amongst my list of Friday thoughts is Diane Rooney-Pinchbeck :)

Renee said...

Husband cooking = check.

Healing = check.

Dad (loving him) = check.

Sounds like your off and running.

Love Renee

Jeanne said...

I came across your blog through my friend Dani.
How lovely indeed.
Much love
Ontario Canada

Sarah said...

I bet that candle smells lovely. Are you off to Cornwall? That would be fun. I was at the maritime museum yesterday with my Dad and we were looking at photos of all the lovely Cornish coastal villages. Good luck with your list.

whatkatiedid said...

You have a to-do list that's completed??! I'm very envious, mine just rolls over from day to day!