Thursday, 15 January 2009

What A Difference.

In just a week. I'm moving forwards. Onwards. And it's exciting. I've still got battles going on. Challenges in my life but I'm positive, hopeful and inspired. I decided one of the things I wanted to change was how I worked. And so I've set up my laptop in our little, cozy living room and as a result, I've accomplished so much more. It's really amazing. I do love our big office upstairs but for some reason I'm just not comfortable there. Work doesn't flow.

Downstairs in our living room, it just works. I'm more relaxed. It's easier to look after the house and cook and be a housewife and work at the same time. I can have the tv on quietly watching inspirational movies or listen to music. I don't know why but it just works for me. And I'm working up a storm. I'm really inspired to get my online store fully stocked and up and running. Steve bought me a nice little sturdy external harddrive with 320 gig memory so it's easy for me to transfer my files back and forth. Also, I don't have the internet on my laptop. That's a big plus for me. No distractions. It means I just get much more done. And then I can do my blogging, forum lurking, email etc.. just once a day. A focused time rather than dillying dallying online all day.

Yay! Happy is me.

What else? Oh yes. I've been working on my fabric journals and other bits and pieces in my craft room. I bought a lovely "pink and brown" kit from Donna Downey and also one of her downloadable teaching videos for creating a fabric journal. I'm really enjoying it and thoroughly recommend it.

While I'm in the mood for recommending, I can't say enough about this fab online store, "The Altered Element". I discovered it via Jane Dean's blog a little while back and I've got to say their customer service is nothing else I've experienced. They sell a great selection of art and craft products and are very helpful.

I'd been trying to get some eyelets online (aka grommets in USA) but just couldn't get any and also needed some canvas. I wrote to Lynne, the owner, and she not only responded very quickly but managed to get me exactly what I needed. And was so nice about it. I seriously felt like a valued customer. Something that doesn't often happen nowadays. I also love that I've found a great online store where I can buy everything (re: art/craft) in one place. I know their quality, customer care and postage is all top notch. Just makes it easier when shopping online.

Steve and I went for our weekly jaunt into town for our coffee and magazines. We're fortunate to live close to town. It's about a 10 min walk and although it was bitter cold again today, it was a nice walk and we had a lovely, inspiring time together. As we always do.
As well as people watching in the street below, talking about our art and work, we also discovered that Starbucks have wall space for local artists to display and sell their work.
Free of charge! Can you believe that? So I'm thinking of contacting the manager and see if I can get a slot sometime. You never know.


mystele said...

wonerful! i love your new banner and i'm so happy that you've found the spot that works. that's so important...can't wait to see what you've been up to. ♥

Leslie said...

What a lot of sharing you have done here- it's part of your healing process and letting it all out is good. I applaud your willingness to bare it all, let it out and to be so honest about your feelings and what you have been through. I'm sure that a big weight has been lifted and will make moving forward so much easier for you.

You are beautiful and you can do anything you want to do-just don't be too hard on yourself and take time, all the time you need.

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year too! Here's to a year of healing in 2009 and blessing for you, your family and all that you want out of life.


whatkatiedid said...

Oooh, your new working space sounds wonderful, and very productive! I'm sitting here "working" at the moment, ahem. I'm not really forum hopping and blog reading, oh no no no.....