Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Where's It Gone?

Another week has disappeared. I don't know where it's gone. I do know that I've not stopped for more than 5 mins. I've worked very hard on my digital scrapbooking store, creating new products and generally doing behind the scenes admin. Oh and I've spent some precious time with my granddaughter, my kids, my sister and parents. What else? Oh yes, my man. Time with my Steve. Much needed time. Even though it's stolen moments, it's time well spent. So all in all a crazy week. And another one coming up.

Photo art (digital scrapbook page) created using a new kit that I've just finished putting together!

I'm happy. In spite of so much emotional wreckage that I'm still dealing with, I'm happy. Moving forward. Heading towards the goals. Guarding my heart. Being me. Loving each day. I'm excited. I've even started outline concept for a book as well as lots of new ideas for my online store. Nothing concrete. All creative. All good. Oh yeah, and I'm losing weight. At last. Working hard on eating healthily and getting more exercise and it's paying off.

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