Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Day

Got some snow. Yay! Lots of political hooha about how pathetic we are as a country that everything grinds to a halt because we (the UK) get a few inches of snow. It's somewhat true. London was a practical standstill today. However, I just wanted to enjoy the "snow day"! It was good for the soul. It was good exercise. It was good fun and precious moments with my family. Need to go back to work tomorrow. No excuses for me. Working from home actually does mean you can't have an official snow day! ha!


Sarah said...

I love the photos of the children. They enjoy it so much don't they?
This sort of snow is so rare in the south that I agree with the argument that the expense of maintaining snow ploughs would be too much. I suppose they could have gritted a bit more though. What I liked was how it made people quite friendly for London!
Don't work all day-get a bit of snow time!

jj said...

Neither does working in the only school in Britain that doesn't close ;)
Glad you enjoyed the day though!! Im hoping for a better one next year!

Dani said...

Gorgeous photos!

Hey, here in the US, everyone runs to the grocery store for toilet paper and milk when it starts to snow! LOL lots of love, Dani

Renee said...

Looks so fun and the children look like they are having a blast.