Saturday, 31 January 2009


So much more settled and happy today. Walking was good. It gets rid of pent up energy. I also cleaned the house up and down and that made me feel great. Thank you my dearest friends for your love, support and prayers. And so many words of wisdom. Mystele reminded me to "guard my heart". It's so important and so easy to forget when you're feeling rotten and that's exactly when you need to do it.

Today is full on. Got up early. Going to lunch with my son and his family and then working all afternoon. I'm helping Steve to do some new 3d products. And tonight, I'm going to snuggle down and do some crafting. I really want to finish those fabric journals I started. Yay!


mystele said...

awesome, di!!! can't wait to read about your victories in this day.

the biggest snare that i set for myself is that i don't guard my heart well most days. i can't seem to remember that there is no leisure time for your heart. that's why, di, i wanted to see freedom- that breakthrough- for you. i know what the bondage feels like, and if i can help my friends (and you are that, even though we've never met) by sounding the battle cry, then i will. that is love and the least i can do in response to all of the ways that you've loved me over the past year. ♥

Mandy said...

So excited that you got Life's Healing Choices. And I am so glad that you got something out of the video. That's always a joy for me to hear that God is moving in your life.