Friday, 30 January 2009

More Friday Ramblings

This cold grabbed me hard and fast and so I've been out of it for a few days now. Well, not completely. I've managed to do some doodling and am still working on digital scrapbooking products for my online store.

I can't seem to get comfortable either. Everything is annoying me lately. No matter what I do. I think it's my emotional state as well as generally feeling run down. I don't know what to do first when there's so much to do. Tidy my house. Go for a walk. Have a shower. Do some work. Help Steve with some work. Do some drawing. Do some crafting. Tidy up. Did I say that already? I do need to tidy the house. Ugh! But I don't feel like doing any of it. My frustration level is so high. I want to explode. And it's not even PMT. Ha! I wish it was because then I'd know it was ok.

One thing's for sure, I really hope that it snows like they've forecast. It's due to snow late Sunday and early next week. I love the snow and I know that will boost my mood. For now though, I think I'm going to burn off some energy. Do some housework and then go for a long walk. I think exercise is key to feeling better when I'm like this. x


mystele said...

guard your heart...have a lovely day!

Niecey said...

Your "doodling" is stunning.

I hope you feel refreshed after your walk.

Sarah said...

Me too-the snow I mean! Though I am on a course next week so snow might be inconvenient-I could always walk though it might be fun! I know what you mean in describing your mood-there is nothing you can do I find-just wait fo it to pass-hopefully it will do soon.