Monday, 28 September 2009

It's a New Day

I love the hope of a new day.  A new week.  I can put all that has happened in the past couple of weeks behind me.

I'm well again.  My body feels healthy again.  Well, healthier than before any way.  Steve and I are working on getting healthy.  We're slowly changing how we eat and exercise.  Nothing fanatical.  Just keep chipping away at bad habits and replacing them with good ones.  More water.  More walking.  Less processed food.  Actually hardly any processed foods.  We've been doing as much cooking from scratch as we can.  And it feels so deeply satisfying.

No shop bought desserts, cakes etc.  Been doing them from scratch too, if we fancy them.  It's good.  We've been reading labels when we go shopping.  Trying our best to avoid over processed foods with lots of additives.  And trying to find a good butchers and greengrocers so we can buy organic meat, fruit and veg where possible.

During this time of recuperating, I've been doing more doodling in my sketch pad.  I've been drawing little whimsical pictures that I'm now scanning and selling in Dana's online store.  They just started out as little doodles but I realised that actually some of them would be neat as card toppers and such like so I asked Dana what she thought about me "packaging" them up and selling them.  It's been so therapeutic actually.  I love using my caran d'ache water colour pencils.  They are so lush... I love painting and seeing how the colours run and blend.  Love it.  Love it.

It's funny really because although I've always been arty and crafty, in the past years, all my art was created on my computer using digital art/photo editing sofware, Photoshop and Painter.  I love my computer and I love creating my photo montages and doing digital art but since I've been with Steve, and I guess, since my children have left home, I've found that I love using more traditional tools.  It feels so earthy to me.

Natural.  Somehow I get a greater sense of creative freedom.  Its giving me more confidence to try new things.  I also wonder if its because Steves a fine artist.  He has greatly inspired me and is my encourager.  I'm feeling like my low self-esteem demons are fleeing at last.  My low self-confidence is no more.  Creative freedom is part of my every day life.  And that has slowly made in-roads to boosting my confidence in myself as an artist and as a person.  I have the right to be who I am and not try and mould myself to what I think others want to see or hear.

That's also the wonder of a new day.  Each new day brings hope and a chance to start again.  Move forward and not look back.  Hello new day.  Hello new week.  I'm ready for what you have in store for me!


Niecey said...

I love your art.

Zoe just saw those sketches over my shoulder and loves them. She asked, "are you making pictures for my blues clues?" I think she lives the friendly colors.

We're trying to get away from processed foods too. It makes a difference.

mystele said...