Monday, 11 January 2010

Camera Woes

I'm not a photographer.  Ha!  I love photography and like to think of myself as a casual hobbyist photographer.  I've always embraced the new digital technology starting out with a Sony FinePix something or other many, many moons ago.  I upgraded as and when I could afford to and moved with the times.  At some point those cameras weren't enough and I was desperate to try a digital slr.  I used to have a Canon SLR a hundred years ago so decided to try looking at the Canon range first and after much ado, I bought a beautiful Canon EOS 450 D.  What fun!  I learned loads and took some great photos.

It served me well but last year I realised that I needed a little "point and shoot" camera that was easier to take around with me and also for taking those instant magic moment shots as well as those fun candid ones.  Everyone knows you're around taking photos when you get out a hunking big digi slr!! ha!  Well, it's big compared to a little "point and shoot".

So my gorgeous hubby bought me a little Panasonic Lumix something or other with all the bits like bag, sd card etc..  He got it for my birthday and I was so excited.  And what a fab little camera.  This whole past year it hasn't been from my side.  I took it everywhere and have 1000s of photos on my hdd to prove it.  But now it's gone and I'm sad.  I've been sad for 2 months now.  Back in early November I went for my usual walk, camera in hand.  I remember taking some photos of autumn foliage, red berries etc..  I remember coming in the back door, walking into the kitchen and putting my camera (in bag or so I thought) on the side.

And then I just went on doing whatever until I remembered I needed to take the photos off the camera.  Could I find that camera??!!  Nope!  Nowhere.  No how.  Not to be found.  I hunted high and low.  I started looking in stupid places.  Truth be told I was getting silly by now.  So that was that.  I was actually very upset.  Mainly because Steve bought it for me.  He knows how much I love my photography.  And he bought me what I wanted.  He kept reassuring me that we could get a new one.  But no, I insisted on looking for it.  It wasn't the point anyway.  It was how stupid I was feeling.  Where was it?  Did I drop it?  Did someone pinch it??!   Ugh!

So that's what I've been doing on and off for 2 months.  Looking for my camera and kicking myself for losing it.  I've been using Steve's camera.  Sometimes.  It's a digital slr.  It's big and posh and cost a whole load of money and I hate, hate using it.  I'm terrified of using it.  So the other day after another half hour of crying and searching for my camera, I relented.  I asked Steve if he would get me a new one.

Of course he said yes.  I put some of my Christmas and birthday vouchers towards it (thanks to mil, Janice!) and we ordered a new Panasonic Lumix.  The next model up, of course.  I'm happy.  My new camera will be here any day depending on the adverse weather conditions! ha!  I know that was a long way round to basically saying, I've got a new camera.  I just needed to talk about my camera woes.  I needed to get this off my chest so I could "let it go".  ha!

Check back soon for some new spiffy photos taken with my new camera! :)


jj said...

Yey!! Shotgun being a model :D:D

Niecey said...

Excellent! Photos are so important.
My 2 decent lenses are broken and my camera isn't much use without them. I've been in mourning for a couple of months. We're hoping to get a tax rebate and buy another 50mm 1.8. Best value for money lense! I'm so lost without it.