Friday, 8 January 2010

Time to just Be

Steve and I have been sick on and off for almost six weeks now.  Today was one of our better days and we decided to go out.  We wanted time away.  Time on our own.  Time to just be.  And it was beautiful.  We took a very slow nice drive out to the countryside, found a little village and went for a lovely much needed walk.

We talked.  We held hands.  We talked some more.  We laughed.  We always laugh.  Every day.  We took photos.  We planned.  And we talked more!  And we just enjoyed being still.  In the moment.  In the stillness of the snow.  The quiet.



Sarah said...

Sounds like the perfect solution! Hope you both feel much better soon, and happy birthday for Tuesday! (Sorry-a bit late)

Boo said...

beautiful post and photos xx