Saturday, 12 June 2010

Reaching Skyward

It's almost a year since we moved into our new home.  A year on and we've just set up our own business.  Together. Steve and I are working side by side.  It was like that when we met.  Our shared passion of art, computers brought us together.  I've dabbled in and out of my creative dream over the years.  Never being consistent.  My fears getting the best of me at every turn.
 I knew deep in my heart that together we have great potential.  Together our brainstorming sessions are electric.  Inspiring and exciting.  We see the same things in the clouds.  On our walks in the woods bring further inspirations and excitement about "what's next".  Wanting to work from home with my beloved.  Watching him every day drawing, writing, designing wanting me beside him.  He's been patient with me.  I feel weird that my turning point was the loss of my beloved Dad.
Just the way it is I guess.  A series of events led me down this path to such a time as this.  To fulfilling my dreams.  It's more than just setting up a business.  It truly is living my dream.  It doesn't get better than this.  It's hard work.  I'm not sitting here saying it's easy.  It's not.  My grief is still raw and painful.  My Dad was a successful businessman and so each step of setting up our creative business journey, I want to call him and tell him.

This week has been pivotal.  Our store is just about set up.  We rec'd our incorporation certificate.  We stood in the kitchen after opening our mail, just grinning like cheshire cats.  Maybe not terribly excting to others but for us it was all legal.  Stedi Arts Ltd is real.  In the midst of all our hard work this week we even came up with my product ideas.  So many ideas.  So little time.  We honestly have a lifetime of art to create.  I'm not kidding.  We have notebooks, sketchbooks and diaries full of our idea.  Some going back years when we first met and first talked about working together... long before we were romantically involved.
One of my fears has been the diversity of what we create.  Steve's work is predominantly 3d content and very "blokey".  Mine is very much "girlie", more 2d and graphical.  I kept trying to convince Steve that the business should be about him and his creative work and I'll do all the admin but no.  He would gently encourage me and tell me that my art is just as important, just as good and valuable.  The creative business we wanted to set up was about us both.   I know it was my fears speaking to me and taunting me.

Slowly I've been able to overcome these fears and we've even come up with great product ideas that combine both our styles and work.  It really is a dream come true for us both.  We are complementary.  He sees things I don't and vice versa.  We love that even on our walks and trips out, we get new ideas.  So much inspiration around us.
 I know.  It sounds corny.  It really isn't.  Steve was brave to give up his normal "day job" 10 yrs ago and start to live his dream for working for himself creating art.  Not long after that, when we met, I was in the "empty nest" stage of my life. Going through a divorce.  My beloved children growing up and leaving home.  I didn't know what I wanted to do.  I'd been a stay at home since I was 19yrs.  All I really knew was that I loved being on my computer.  I loved my art.  I loved my crafts.  I loved helping my Dad out with his business over the years when my children were little.  Dad set me up with a little computer way back in the early 90s.  Somehow, when I met Steve and we realised we shared so many passions, all these things came together.

And now I'm reaching skyward.  Staying focused.  Staying committed.  The e-course that I'm doing and mentioned before, is perfect timing.  So much great information and a lot of inspiration.  Alot of what I'm learning, I'm able to actually put into practice there and then.  Today, is 3 months since my Dad died. I had an emotional breakdown earlier on this afternoon.  I think it was culmination of the pain of grief and the coming together of so many great things in my life.  And I can't tell the one person who would be the most proud and most excited for me.


mary-anne said...

Your last line spoke to me as well. I know just how you feel. Keep doing what you do best. And I will try that too. Actually, reading this entry has helped me somewhat so thank you! :)

Noël said...

So sorry for the loss of your dad. It must be so difficult.

Your penguin kit is adorable. I am stopping in from Flying Lessons. So glad I did!