Monday, 21 June 2010

Beyond Measure

I am an artist.  I'm a creative soul.  I believe that we are all creative souls.  Each and every one of us were born to be creative in some way or another.  I'm choosing to let my light shine.  Imagine.  Dream. Believe. Create.  Do.  I saw how my Mum's light shone in her creative endeavours whether it was her writing poetry, drawing or making doll furniture for my Sindy.  My Dad let his light shine.  He was an artist.  He painted.  I watched him sketching and painting.  My parents set that example for me and I don't think they even realised it.  They let their lights shine.  They were true to their creative souls.  Somewhere along the way I lost that part of me.  I found it again.  Beyond measure.  Blossoming. Unleashed. Free.

~a little owl sneak peek of downloadable paper craft pack I'm working on ~

The e-course, Flying Lessons, has further helped me realise that dream.  To know that it's ok to say "I am an artist".  To be true to my creative soul.  It's liberating to be in the company of so many other like minded souls not afraid to take that leap of faith.  To step out and make that transition from dream to reality.


Anita Meade said...

Hi Diane. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and thankyou for your wonderful blog. I've been having a big read and your honesty is wonderful. I consider myself an artist in her infancy. I know it is what I'm meant to be, but fear (and illness, and guilt, and so many other things) have held me back. Reading your story is helping me to gather courage and follow my calling. I have so much to learn and so many skills to acquire, but realising that I am worthy living the artistic life I dream of is so incredibly uplifting. Thanks for your inspiration and my warmest best wishes to you and Steve in your new business venture. Anita. xx

Noël said...

Diane, That owl is adorable! So glad to be taking Kelly's class with you. Thanks for sharing your story. It must be wonderful to have role models in this creative life!