Thursday, 8 July 2010

Good For the Soul

That's what my husband said to me on our walk this morning.  We try to go for a good 20 min walk every day usually first thing in the morning.  Today we had to take the car for its MOT and chose the village garage as we're doing our best to support local businesses.  Anyway, it meant we had a nice long walk home via the local church.  It's amazing the things you notice on a walk that just pass you by when in a car?!

It truly was a beautiful walk.  The sun was shining in a clear blue sky.  I knew why Steve turned round to me and said it was good for the soul.  It was.  You could feel it.  Although we live on a brand new housing estate, it is on the edge of the countryside.  Within a minute of leaving our front door we are walking through the English countryside.  Its such a wonderful setting and inspirational beyond words.  After our walk this morning we both came home feeling motivated and inspired for work for the day.  Doesn't get much better than that.

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Jo said...

Sigh... what true words "Good for the Soul". Nothing beats an early morning walk, noticing all those sparkling, special moments that can so easily go unnoticed. We too live on a modern housing estate on the edge of the countryside - for us its Cheshire although we did used to live in Kent when we were first married. The tranquility, the enduring beauty, the peaceful calm, is so very refreshing and inspiring.
Thank you so much for sharing your own little 'touch of heaven' with us.
Hugs xxx