Thursday, 29 July 2010


I don't really know what to say other than I'm in shock.  My aunt died suddenly yesterday.  She was only 64yrs old.  She was my Dad's only sibling.  She never got married or had kids so we're her only family and were all close.  I just wonder if she was heartbroken after her beloved older brother died??!!  None of this makes sense.

In either case, I'm off to Cornwall to our family home where she lived, with my sister and Mum to arrange a funeral and sort out the home etc..  I can't believe we're arranging another funeral in such a short space of time??!  Is this really happening??!!  Hubby is staying here keeping the business ticking over.  I'm packing up my laptop etc.. although the internet connection where I'm going is not that great.  Still, I'm hoping for some time in the evening to at least do some design work, if for no other reason than to keep my mind busy and not thinking of all this grief.

It's all so very sad.

R.I.P Jan - we loved you so very much and you will be so very missed. x


Sarah said...

Oh that is so sad Di and such a shock. I am so sorry to read about your Aunt.

Niecey said...

I'm so so sorry.

honey said...

There are no words I can say that will comfort you so I will simply say that you and yours will be in my prayers. My heart truly goes out to you. xox