Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Social Networking

One thing my Dad always used to bang on about was networking.  Networking. Networking.  It's not what you know but who you know.  Although I always kind of got it, it's only recently that I realised seriously what he meant by it.

Hubby & I have been slowly building our new business website.  I'll be the one tackling the marketing and increasing our online presence and that's one of the reasons I took Kelly RaeRobert's e-course about starting an online creative business.  I pretty much was clued up about creating a blog, Twitter, Facebook etc.. but have never realised the full potential of any of these social networking tools.

Within the past month I've made a lot of valuable contacts and new friends.  I'm excited about it, not only for the possibility of increasing our online presence and therefore sales, but also the human aspect of socialising.  Talking with like minded souls.  Interacting with like minded souls.  Sharing, dreaming and goal reaching with them.

And then there's the "oh what a small world" aspect of it.  Through Twitter I met someone who was a teacher at a school I used to go to.  She wasn't there when I was a student but nonetheless it was a fascinating conversation and connection.  Again, through Twitter, I met someone who lives just up the road from where I lived 4yrs ago.  Weird.  I love these kind of connections.

There's so many stories in the news/press about the dangers of the internet and we have to be completely "eyes open" and sensible about them but my heart is glad that there's also a lot of good out there and going on.  A lot of people connecting for good reasons.  Business, friends, charity sponsorships, awareness campaigns.  It's a good thing.

So Dad, thank you.  You taught me well and your words are deep in my heart and I'm taking heed.  It is who you know and not what you know. x


Sarah said...

I am glad that you are finding all these things out as you progress in your business Di. Glad your computer is fixed too-patience is what computers require I find, especially my work ones!
How are you finding the bamboo tablet?

Jo said...

Couldn't agree more!! I'm certainly thrilled to have met you, my friend!
I've always been fascinated by the "six degree of separation" theory - the world is perhaps much 'smaller' than we think. And although networking makes terrific business sense, its also a lot of fun too, particularly discovering the intimacy of sharing with other like-minded souls.
hugs xx