Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Creative Journey Goals

Following on from my previous posts, I decided to make some realistic "to do" lists and new "daily goals" lists so I had something concrete to follow.  I've been so bogged down with legal stuff, grief and goodness what else since my Dad died and still so much to do for the foreseeable future, that I think I just couldn't see how I could fit everything into my day.  It seems to totally paralyse me.

So after a long chat with a couple of my closest friends as well as my beloved hubby, I made some headway and have been back in the saddle creating my little heart out.  Steve & I are back on track for getting our own online store up and running. 
I've been re-packaging and re-doing promotional graphics and uploading products to the store.  Steve's been doing the same as well as working on new products.
Daily goals.  It works.  It doesn't have to be rigid.  For me, I just had to have some structure to my day.  I wanted to get back to work and so I needed to fit everything else around that.  I'm at such a wonderful time in my life.  My time, for intents and purposes, is my own.  My family have grown up and flown the nest.  I'm truly blessed to be married to a man who believes in me and encourages me in my artistic pursuits.  Probably helps that he's an artist too! ha!  I'm truly blessed to have a lovely little home with a neat little office/studio space.
Creating art.  I also have a weekly goal of creating something just for me.  For the creative process.  It includes creating scrapbook pages, card-makeing, photo editing, painting, crocheting, sorting out my grandparents things - we trying to create a big scrapbook of all the photos and ephemera found when my aunt died.  There's a lot to do for sure but breaking it down into specific goals seems to make it all less daunting.