Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It's the Journey

There is a change.  I sense it.  I know it.  I believe it.  Just as Autumn is slowly slipping into Winter.  More than anything else this past eleven months, I've learned that I need to live in the moment.  Embrace the challenges.  The changes.  I'm excited about the new happenings in my life.  They're on the horizon and are positive, uplifting and joyous.  It's a little bit of respite in the middle of the sadness and grief.

For a while, it seemed to me that it meant I couldn't really dare dream for the future.  Make plans.  Have hopes and aspirations.  But it doesn't mean that.  Live in the here and now means we have to embrace the moments while hoping and dreaming for the "what's next".  Don't miss life while planning your next great thing.  Don't dream your life away.

Make those dreams, aspirations and hopes count now.  Enjoy the hope and excitement of planning your future.  Whether it's meeting a beloved friend next week for coffee, an upcoming holiday or a huge change in your life.  The next day, month or a challenge for the coming year.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.  I'm pretty sure now that it's the journey that counts not the destination.


Jenni said...


a song to sum up your post!

Anonymous said...

A lovely post. I have been feeling very similar through-out this year, after being ill for eight months. But taking each day at a time means you are able to cherish every moment and live life to the full.

CJ xx

Sarah said...

That is so true! I was listening to the radio tonight on the way home, and they were talking about the government's intentions to measure happiness. The man who was talking wsa distinguishing between wellbeing and happiness-as in not just hedonistic enjoyment of life, but taking time to be silent, enjoy the moment, help people in some way. To that I would add what you said about following your dreams in some way, and also to be creative in whatever way suits you. Talking of meeting up, we really should one day as we are not far apart! _If you want to of course. Maybe after Christmas when it is warmer and quieter we could go on some kind of arty outing-or even meet for coffee in some pretty country village! I am fine thanks-though can't wait for the hokiday as I am so tired!