Monday, 14 March 2011

Inspiration for the Week

I love Mondays.  A new week.  Lots of possibilities.  So this week I thought I'd start off with some inspiration.  First off, my new office.  This is just a small snapshot.  My desk.  It's an inspiring place to work and create.  Surrounded by the things that I love.  Things that inspire me and motivate me.  We've done a lot of re-organising, painted and alsorts of other great stuff to create a place where both Steve and I are happy to be.  Happy to work.  Happy to create.  I'll do another post soon about showing the whole room and all the before and after shots.  Fun, fun, fun!

Next is VisualizeUs.  I've recently set up an account to start collecting lots of inspiring images.  Being a natural creative and a digital artist as my work, I used to just save a bunch of images to a folder on my computer.  I love these new websites where you can have them all on display.  Easy to look at.  Easy to use.  And so great to share.  Here's my list so far:

I came across VisualizeUs via  I'm taking a digital design art course there at the moment.  It's awakening my muse after a very long siesta.  Time to wake up!  I'm excited to be surrounded by so much creativity, motivation.
And then there's the inspiration I find in the every day moments of my life.  At my Mum's over the weekend, I managed to snap this little Robin.  Gorgeous blue sky, sun shining.  Fantastic.  Love that little bird.  There's something about Robin's.
Oh and flowers.  Love, love flowers but I especially love photographing them.  And perhaps slightly more than that, love to get those photos into Photoshop.  Edit.  Edit. Play.  Add texture, of course.  Lush.


Boo said...

wow, amazing photos and design. Love love love it x

Bernie said...

oh that flower shot is gorgeous!!
Is the designing course as fantastic as it sounds? D'you think a newbie at designing could cope with it, and lastly, do you think any designing skills could ever be fully achieved in PSE or should I start saving for the full version now?!!!!
Bernie x