Thursday, 7 August 2008

After the Storm

It stormed last night. A fantastic, loud, clear the humidy storm. Seemed like a perfect end to a strange day for me. I lay in bed in the dark watching the lightening and listening to the thunder and somehow drifted off to sleep.

The air was fresh this morning when I went for a walk. It smelled so wonderful. I love the smell after a Summer rain. Everything looked brighter and the grass lush. Beautiful.

I decided to take a day out just for me. Doing nothing in particular but definitely no work and no computer other than what I wanted to do. And it did the trick. I felt so much better. More relaxed. Happier. Complete. Contented. Refreshed. I painted. I finished a mixed media painting. I watched current affairs news programmes on TV. I went shopping with Steve. We sat and ate lunch together. All quite uneventful in the big scheme of things. But it was enough to refresh my soul.

After the storm, things are definitely better.

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