Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Moments of Spring

I love the Seasons. Each one brings with it something new and special. Right now, I love the warm sunshine and the cool breezes of a Spring day. Seeing all the buds on the trees and flowers rising up to the sun. It's so pretty. And the longer days. Not getting dark until much later now. I love it.

Steve and I are working a lot. Well, he's working and I'm helping him as much as I can. We desperately need funds to come in to secure this house we want to buy. So please pray it all pans out. I'm learning to be more faithful and let "things" go. I can't control the situation even though I want to. I'm scared of having my heart broken or having to live here longer than necessary. We both now have our hearts set on that little house. I'm praying that money will in on time and will be just the right amount. Faith. Letting go.

These Spring days help when going through something exciting but also stressful. How can it be so exciting - buying a house but also feel stress levels rising? Oh well. I guess it's the uncertainty and being at the mercy of other people. Letting go. I have to just let it go.

Walks in the sunshing help and bring inspiration back into our lives on a daily basis. Fresh air and exercise. It's invigorating and calms the soul.

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