Thursday, 15 October 2009

Work & Play

Still can't find my camera.  Ugh!  I miss it so terribly.  Steve has dragged out his very old Fuji Finepix for me so I'm going to use that one for now.  We've bought a new card for it and just need some more batteries and then good to go.  Been busy working on new products for Christmas/Winter.  These will be available at my Daz store in November.

 And playing too. Still working on my art journal.  A journey to find my authentic voice with the help of Mystele's online art workshop, Gut Art.  I'm just learning so much and also going through so many emotions.  Art is healing.  There's no doubt.  Moving forwards and it feels so good.  Making connections and having lots of penny dropping moments.  Will sort out photos to upload once I've got the camera up and running!

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Sarah said...

Hi Di,
I love all your recent posts! I have missed so much recently -the last few weeks have been so busy but I don't seem to be achieving anything fast. Half term next week thank goodness! The gut art class sounds so good. I really want to take it one day. I love the work you showed below from your journal. I also like the story about the water mister! Your new header looks good.
Thanks for the birthday wishes too!
Sarah x