Monday, 16 April 2012

Where I Create

I was recently asked about my work space.  Where I work and create my designs.  And so I decided to take some photos and tell you a little bit about it.

First thing you'll notice is that it appears untidy.  Maybe it's very untidy to some of you and really neat and tidy to others!  For me, I'm happy that I know where everything is and it's a lovely space to work in.  The room is actually quite big for a "spare bedroom".  I share the space with my hubby who's also my business partner.  Yes, we work and live together 24/7!
I definitely take up more space!!  I do a lot of crafting and painting, so the table is my space.  His work is almost exclusively done on his computers.  We do have a serious lack of storage space.  For now though, the space works.
My crafting table changes on a regular basis.  It's very rarely completely bare.  What's on the table reflects what I'm working on at any given time.  Although it has also been used as a "dumping" place when I suddenly go into "I have to tidy up" mode.  And then after that, it might be free of stuff for a couple of hours!

I've never really put a huge amount of thought or design into how I wanted the space to work or what is in the space.  When we moved into this house, we knew that the spare bedroom would be our office/studio.  We knew we needed two desks and lots of storage for our books, art and craft supplies.  We bought all the furniture from Ikea apart from the book/filing case (photo below).

This lovely piece of furniture belonged to my Dad and was in his office.  After he died and we were sorting out his belongings, I knew I had to have that unit in my office.  My brother and sister were happy for me to take it.  Apart from sentimental reasons for wanting it, it actually seemed to be a perfect fit in my office.  I love it and I know Dad would've been thrilled to know it's being used by me.
Taking these photos, I've realised that I've surrounded myself with a lot of things that inspire me.  I also realised that I have the most amount of my special photos and nic nacs in this space rather than the living room or bedroom.  Truthfully, I spend alot of time here so it makes sense.  If I get a new photo, drawing from my grandchildren, gifts from my kids and family, I almost instinctively put them in my office.

I love my photos of my family.  I have a little photo heart tree thingy on my desk that has photos of all of them.  It's just there and I love that I can just glance up and be reminded how blessed I am to be part of such a great family.
And then there's my grandchildren. I also have their little drawings on my desk and notice board.
I did the painting of the robin for my Mum as a Christmas present a couple of years ago.  It's obviously become even more special to me since she died and reminds me that I must do more painting!

The print on my top shelf (see below) is of a painting by Kelly Rae Roberts.  I bought it for it's inspirational words such as "embrace vulnerability", "own your talent", "ask for what you need", "speak of your gratitude" etc.. I think you get the picture.  Just so inspiring.  It's the same with the green tin and storage box (photo with Yankee Candle), a present from my daughter.  She knows me so well.  I love all the inspirational words and quotes.
Oh and Yankee Candle.  The room has to smell nice.  I love to have a Yankee Candle burning most days.
On my monitor stand are some cotton reels that belonged to my grandmother.  Again, someone who was very special in my life.  We were very close and it's been 17yrs since she died.  I still miss her so much.  I love being surrounded by her things.  I have jars of her buttons as well as various other haberdashery bits and pieces that belonged to her.
There's also a cute little Mickey Mouse ornament on my monitor stand.  My youngest son bought it for me when he went to Disney a few years ago.  It's so perfect and I love the thought that went into it when he bought it.  I love Disney.  I love Mickey Mouse and snowglobes.  And Mickey has a paint brush in his hand.  There's a book with the words "Once Upon a Time" in the snowglobe.

Basically, I have what I need on a daily basis to hand.  I think that's why it gets untidy.  There are certain books and supplies that I use every day and so they never get put away.  It just works for me.  My workspace is definitely me and definitely a refleciton of my great loves and passions.  It's practical as well as inspirational.  Yes, I'd love a great big studio one day.  I'd love a nice sofa or reading nook.  I'd love very specific storage solutions and our paintings on the walls.  For now though, this is where I work and create and I love it!
I'd love to see your creative space/office/studio.  Send me links!  I love seeing where others work and create.


Sarah Hurley said...

I loved having a nose round your studio :o) Thanks for sharing

Sarah x

Tink said...

I love seeing other peoples creative spaces, you instantly get to know the person so much better. Loved seeing all you knickknacks, it always strikes me how much emotional value we place upon these things, and rightly so! But when I sometimes visit a garage sale or boot sale as its called in the UK, and see these knickknacks for 10 cents I always wonder what they meant to a person, who bought it and who was the owner. When my husband still traveled for his job he always brought me some small something, like a tacky frame from Las Vegas, I put our wedding pic in it and it's on my desk, I treasure it! Or a tiny espresso cup from Barcelona, I use it often. My most treasured knickknack is a stuffed animal I made for my daughter, an elephant, with stripes in jewel colors all over his body. He is called Toermalijn, in English Tourmaline after a stuffed animal character in a childrens book that gets tossed away because it's not so beautiful as the doll with the curls. My daughter is now 32 and has a child of her own but were thousands of miles apart, I miss her desperately and long to hold my grandson. That stuffed animal has comforted me many times in dark nights.
One thing that striked me in your photos was the beautiful office chair with the long back! Oh how I long to have one like that! Must be so comfy! Would love to show you my creative cave but at the moment I am trying to relax and work on my art in my RV placed next to the river. Would be nice to be outside except it has been raining for 5 days now!